Stephanie Kinney

Most college graduates are more than excited to be done with studying and testing. However, I don’t include myself in that category. I plan on learning more and pushing myself for the rest of my life. I thrive on new knowledge, specifically new forms of digital media and relatively unknown musicians.

Growing up, I thought I wanted to work on the account side of advertising. Over time, I learned that it wasn't verbal communication that interested me, but rather observing people and speaking to them visually.

I never knew this was a career opportunity. I always though only artists could do this. When I learned that I could use my fondness of procrastinating on homework with Illustrator into a real life job, I began absorbing as much design knowledge as possible. Unfortunately this was my junior year of college. My design upbringing is not the most formal or traditional; but I am self driven, and I don't allow the lack of education to be an excuse. I read, explore, and ask many questions because I know there is so much more for me to learn and I'm determined to learn it.

So if you want a designer that has refined skills from an art school, that's not me. But if you want a designer who pushes themselves and will put in 150% every single day, then welcome.